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My naughty doodle of this week,

Yes, the title says everything.

Well, he will beg and beg and beg and…,
but, of course, he won’t get
what he really want.
Instead, he’ll get his ass cracked
and lose his virginity.

Moreover, no matter how many times
he begs, he only gets his ass fu*ked.

AND sooner, he’ll like it.

That’s my manga! (evil me)


Also the digital manga
about 4 jocks having wild fun
party night, “WHO IS THE KING?”,
is now available for digital distribution
at the online store, BOOTH.

“WHO IS THE KING!?” now available
for digital distribution at the online store, BOOTH.

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My manga, “WHO IS THE KING
(Oh-sama da~reda!?王様だーれだ!?)”
is now available for digital distribution
at my BOOTH online store.


It’s about four young college jocks
in a dormitory. Their dorm has a strange rule.

“All the roommates must have
drinking parties (plural) throughout a year.”

“At the party, everyone must play
‘WHO IS THE KING’ game.”

“MOREOVER, while you’re playing the game,
you must wear uniform of the clubs/teams
you belong”.

One night at a party, Kasai (rugby)
was ordered to kiss Edogawa (wrestling).
It was supposed to be a joke.
Just a joke kiss among boys.

Then things got more erotic…..


It’s something like that.

Bon appétit!!


“WHO IS THE KING!?” now available
for digital distribution at the online store, BOOTH.


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I went to an exhibition of Kyousai Kawanabe’s work at
Fuji Museum at Hachioji city in Tokyo today.

Kyousai Kawanabe, Kyousai, was
a Japanese “Ukiyoe” artist lived both
Edo period and Meiji period (19th century).

He is one of my favorite artist.

He’s somehow known to overseas but
strangely had been forgotten among Japanese for a long time.
Since late 1970s, his great grandchild, Kusumi Kawanabe,
has been making restless effort to re-establish her great grandfather,
Kyousai’s forgotten artistic value.

This exhibition was about his work and his daughter (and also a
painter), Kyousui’s work.


He was definitely “Renaissance man” of that period.
That’s why I love him and his paintings.

Lots of people are interested only in
Kyousai’s somehow grotesque paintings.
Yes, he drew lots of dead bodies, skulls, ghosts, and
evil spirits.

However, actually, he didn’t draw only
that type of dark, eerily paintings.

He drew quite lots of different subjects.
Human, fat, slim, young, old,
skinny, men and women,
buildings and scenery, animals,
Buddha, gods, ghost and
mythical creatures.
Not only drawings but also
he designed different items,
books, “origami” paper, plates, dishes and boxes.


He restlessly worked so hard
because he loved drawing so much.
Moreover, he was so eager to help young artists.
He didn’t draw only for money,
he even drew to help poor people, too.
He loved to communicate with
people from overseas.
He also loved “Nou and Kyogen” and even
played on stage.
He was interested in so many different things.
He wanted to know/see literary, everything.




His lifestyle and everything is
so attractive. There are so many things
I need to learn from him.
That’s why I can’t help but falling in love with him.



I enjoyed the exhibition today.
It was interesting to see the contrast of
father and daughter’s artistic approach.

Hokusai Katsushika worked with his daughter Oei.

Kyousai and Kyousui was like that.

I wonder if there’s a special bond among
daughter and father especially
when they’re both painters.


I bought some fun items at the museum.

Canned candies with Kyousai’s painting on it,
and stickers of Kyousai’s paintings.

That candies taste so good!

The flyer of the exhibition.

The items I bought at the museum



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