8月 23rd, 2015

Recently I’ve been trying to make some sketches like I used to when I was a kid. It’s because I’ve been having a feeling that I missed something, something working as a professional manga artist. Usually editors tell me what they want me to draw. Something like……”Draw a bald chubby bear guy having sex with a lean athletic type. The bear guy is around 40s, the athlete is around late 20s. The younger is hugging the older from his behind. Since they are a long term couple, the hug must be affectionate. Everyone must be able to tell that from their expression”. AND I do draw. Of course, my creative passion is always there, but often it becomes a passion on a fixed rail.

So, I’ve been making sketches and posting here focusing more on my pure ebullience.

Last couple of days, I couldn’t make any sketches. It didn’t come out well. Though I scribbled, something was missing and I was not satisfied. I just threw them away as half-done.

Today, while I was researching about working wear, I got an urge to draw a guy in it. YES. I love guys in uniform and working wear. My true passion is there. So, I drew this. Just 10 minutes work. No matter what people would say, I don’t care. Ta-da! This what I wanted to draw.

This IS the urge and passion I always need for my creation.

I am happy today :)





8月 22nd, 2015

I went to gym today.

I can’t remember when I went there before.

Oh well, did some stretches and……I got totally refreshed!

I feel much better now!!!




8月 18th, 2015

In my Japanese blog, yes, I was talking about the news about Keegan Hirst. I thought it’s just a small local news in Mirror, but my goodness, his news is everywhere now (of course, I mean in a good way). Good on you, Keegan :)


Just in case, if you didn’t know about the news, here is the link.

First openly gay rugby league player hails ‘overwhelming’ support

Gosh, here in my English blog, I should talk more about Japan instead….