10月 24th, 2016

Hello folks.
As I’ve been posting to Twitter and Facebook, a Japanese gay manga anthology dojinshi, “Otoko Matsuri” is coming soon. Officially the book will be available on Dec 29th, 2016, but you can pre-order the book beforehand.

The pre-order is available at the on-line store, “Rainbow Shoppers”, in English.

Also here is the list of the manga creators in the book. I’m sure your favorite manga-ka are included.

Go Fujimoto
Gai Mizuki
Gamma Chaos
Satoru Sugajima
Tsukasa Takase
Banse Inose

and me, Kazuhide Ichikawa.

A Japanese gay magazine, G-men, had gone and the occasions where we, Japanese gay manga creators, can get published our manga are diminishing (To be fair, lots of people are still working so hard to keep the occasions). Of course, in these days, there are various ways to publish manga individually such as digital distribution or publishing dojinshi. It’s very convenient and it is good.
Personally I think having an publication and a media hub where gay can express themselves is also important at the same time since it can be the place where people can get to know about the gay artists/creators you didn’t know before.
In many ways, being an gay artist is tough. Moreover keeping on being the one is much tougher. Sadly it is just the same as everywhere. So as my situation, too.
Dose that mean we can give up our words, our language as gay?
No. Of course, not.
To show the other gay people that we’re here and to show the sexual majority that we’re here, it is important to have the place where we can publish our words.
Again, surely it’ll be another tough process, but I hope this “Otoko-Matsuri” will be another beginning even if it’s just a tiny step.

I guarantee that the book, “Otoko-Matsuri” is fun and great, but if you like gay manga and gay manga culture, please, they need your support.

Well! That’s it for a small serious talk. I hope you enjoy, “Otoko-Matsuri”!!


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8月 17th, 2016

Another doodle. A see-through wrestling uniform? Yes, this is definitely a want item LOL.





8月 17th, 2016

Well, it’s been a long time since I updated my English site. I guess it’s the time to do so. Basically I was using my Facebook to communicate with the international audience, well, the international gay Manga lovers, because it’s just handy for those people. HOWEVER, recently FB’s kept deleting my post saying it’s containing “nudity” and violating their regulation and I’ve been suffering 24 hours suspension several times.

Excuse me? I’ve never posted any nude images. It’s the Japanese law not to post any nudity and I’ve been following the rule. Always the genitalia is covered up. Basically they’re saying even looking at those non-full-frontal images, “You’re posting nude images, moron!”. Hello? Are you OK, FB people?

Anyway, I will keep posting something simple to FB since, UNFORTUNATELY,? it is still one of the places where people communicate internationally, but, I’ll do more here, Twitter, and Tumblr to communicate with my followers in English.


My homepage is, yes, here. Please put this site to your news-feeder.

My twitter is @ichikawado

My tumblr is


To be honest, FB is not the important hub in Japan compare to English speaking regions (It’s really sad to see it’s the must-have item for everyone and no way to escape. People are trapped!). Since the real-name-must-be-used regulation issue over LGBTQ and political refugees, I’ve been skeptic about their?raison d’être and disliked them anyway.

Well, the reason why I’ve been neglecting this English site for a while was simply because I was using English in Facebook. English is not my mother tongue and, because of that, it’s really pain in my neck to write something in the language. From now on, I’m going to focus on here more.