2017 年 11 月 30 日 Comments off

To celebrate, “NICE ASS DAY” in Japan, I drew this doodle.

Heh, again, it’s another Japanese joke.

November = 11 = Ichi-Ichi (JPN) = I, i (Ee) = good, nice

30th = the end of a month = Shiri or Ketsu (a slang for the end of something in Japanese) = “Shiri” or “ketsu” mean the same as “ass”.

Actually, that voice support gadget in Apple Phone, “Siri”, sounds exactly like “ass” in Japanese LOL.

I really love this posture and the situation (showing ass and ripping fantasy!).

If you know more about this fetish, please contact me 😛


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2017 年 11 月 30 日 Comments off

November 30th is “Nice Dick Day” in Japan.

Yeah, just kidding.

Again, another silly joke.

November = 11 = EE (JPN) = Nice

30th = 30 = San, Oo (JPN) = Sa-O (JPN) = Literally shaft. A slang of dick, cock, penis.

Ha! I love these jokes!

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I’m going to join the event, “CHARIMA!” held in Doyama area in Osaka.

The art gallery starts from 28th Nov.

Though I won’t be able to be there in person, I submitted three illustrations (including a brand-new one).

Also, for the art market day on 9th Dec., I submitted some of my dojinshis and my original design items, too.

If you’re around Osaka, please drop by. It will be a good chance to get the latest info about HIV and gay community in Osaka area.

For more info,


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