10月 21st, 2015

Here is the rough draft of the illustration I’m currently working on.

YES! Men in Uniform!


It’s a pity. I really wonder why the majority of people prefer naked guys.

Guys in uniform are sexy! Guys in uniform are cool!

Being a manga artist, quite a lot of people ask me the same question from to time to time.

“Hmmmmm, I do understand that guys in uniform are sexy, but I don’t understand why you think guys having sex in uniform are sexy. They are not naked! They’re wearing something. They are covering up! What’s the point!?”

Oh well (*rolling my eyes).

For me, guys in uniform having sex in uniform WITHOUT taking it off are sexy! I’m drawing my manga to missionize the idea. Q.E.D.

Cover it up, guys! Hmmmmm, my ethic code would be very Victorian. :P




10月 7th, 2015

I’m working on another manga right now for coming new dojinshi, “Daddies Garden”.

It’s a serial short story manga (around 8 pages per story. Relatively very short) I’ve been drawing for almost 2 years from time to time. It’s about a story of old boys reunion. A gay guy in his 50s came back to his home town alone giving up many things (maybe, a stable job, a relationship, a partner, gay life in a city and such) and reunite his old high school friend once they had a sweet moment during their school days.


Of course, there are steamy sex scenes in the manga, but I more would like to draw the relaxed sense of time passing through a small old country town. The smell of the air, the light, the trees, the sound and the river flows slowly. Also, I would like to draw more about growing old both as a gay and a human-being. When I was young (I don’t want to say this, yes, “I was young”), I was not sure how you will feel when you get older. Getting older, now I’ve realized that nothing has been changed inside but it is a sum of the accumulated experience and the things you need to give up because of many reasons. Resignation is a big word, but a bit of resignation and the feeling to get along with it. Bitter sweet, I would say. Those are the feelings I would like to draw in this manga.

Toyama city is the model of the town appears in the manga which is one of a beautiful old city in Japan with a long history. To depict the place those guys living and to add some reality, I’m drawing the background elaborately.


Whew, it’s just a small one panel in the manga and I spent almost a day to draw it. And still almost 2/3 to go.



9月 28th, 2015

I’m drawing some illustrations for a novel in a Japanese gay magazine, Badi.

It’s a cute comedy short story about a high school Jodo coach trying to escape from a police while he was cruising in a public bathroom.

Run, coach, run!


(still just a rough sketch)