8月 7th, 2014

Yes, I’m working on it now.
Here is the draft. All day long, I drew it, erased it, drew it again, erased it again. I was doing that endlessly.


Working on this, I have to think about where the title goes.
Usually whenever I draw the cover illustration, I keep it in my mind.
However never succeed.

Then this is the painted one.
You can tell the shoulder of the guy behind Mr. Santa Claus had changed.
Also I changed the size of both heads, too.


I use “Comic Studio (Manga Studio)” for the basic layout, drawing and fixing the lines. “Clip Studio” for painting. For the actual drafting and inking, I prefer the analogue way.

Well, now I have to think about the title design.
That’s another headache, hmmmmmm.

Comic Market, Dojinshi, New Manga


8月 3rd, 2014

Here is my illustration. Half way done.

I’ve been struggling last couple of years. Maybe 4 or 5 years. Seeking for what I can do as Kazuhide Ichikawa. To be honest, it was really a tough, hard and endless long way in which I couldn’t see any hopes. Yes, to tell the truth I WAS in there LOL.

Well, recently gradually I started finding out what I could do and what I would like to express through my drawing and my manga. All of the other manga artists looks so fabulous and I really envy them. They look more fantastic than me and truly they are. However, my conclusion is that I can do only what I can do, I can’t do what I can’t do, I can be only what I can be and I can’t be what I can’t be. That’s all. Very simple. I knew this conclusion would come someday. Well finally it reached not only to my brain but also to my heart and soul. I knew what it means before, but now I do understand what it means.

Hahaha, what am I talking about? Forget it! Talking about myself is just so embarrassing!(if I’m so good at doing that, I didn’t have to draw manga LOL)





7月 18th, 2014

On August 16th, on the same day of Comic Market, I’ll also join another event, “BOOKET12″.

Well, on the day, I’ll be at Comic Market most of the time, and I’ll drop by “BOOKET” later.
However, don’t worry. My friend, Jun Okawa form DSP (that unit of “Animal Synchronicity” series) will be there all day long :)

Here is the information of the event.

DATE: Augst 16th, Satuday, 2014
VANUE: Ohta-ku Sangyo Plaza PiO 1F Dai-Tenji hall
CIRCLE NAME: Ichikawa Geki Han Sha

I’m looking forward to seeing you guys there, too! ;)


event info